Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Phat Giao Hoa Hao Cultural Beliefs

The Hoa Hao "aka Phat Giao Hoa Hoa"- the most evil cult in SE Asia. The Hoa Hao hate America, here is how my Hoa Hao wife told me they operate which I pieced together from stories she told me over time.  I wasn't meant to survive and tell any of these stories but the Hoa Hao severely underestimated me, so here I am telling the truth about who these Cretins are

The Encyclopedia Britanica describes the Hoa Hao using the description pasted directly from the Google Results page below:

Hoa Hao (Vietnamese religious sect) -- Britannica Online ...
Hoa Hao (Vietnamese religious sect), nationalistic and xenophobic Vietnamese neo-Buddhist secret society that was formed in 1939 by the Buddhist reformer ... defines Xenophobic as "A person who fears or hates foreigners".  Britanica was 100% correct on that point, they were also correct is saying that the Hoa hao are a "secret society", I dicovered secrets about the Hoa Hao that nobody has discovered outside of Vietnam or if they did, they didn't live to tell about it.  You will hear true facts about how the Hoa Hao regularly rape their daughters, prostitute them at an early age and continue to abuse them well into adulthood.  Here is the truth about the Phat Giao Hoa Hao (Hoa Hao is pronounced "wha how)

1. There are approximately 2 million Hoa Hao in Vietnam while the population in Vietnam is around 80 million. The Hoa Hao are similar to the mafia even though their unofficial description is that they are militant buddhists. 
2. The Hoa Hao men are extremely lazy and use their woman to support the family and commit the crimes they are too cowardly to commit themselves.  The women don't really have a choice due to the lower status they hold within Hoa Hao society.
3. The Hoa Hao families regularly prostitute their daughters as early as 13 years of age and some sell them into prostitution to the mafia in Macau, Singapore and Japan just to name a few and use them to commit huge money scams on westerners by having the woman entice the man to love them and eventually marry them while secretly hacking their computers, encouraging the western man to use drugs and eventually taking over and controlling the western guys finances to the point where they can steal all of his money without anyone being suspicious of them since the western man has long been distanced from his western family and is considered a drug user that lost his money as a result of that.  The Hoa Hao continue to abuse them even after they are adults. Insest and child abuse are a way of life for many Hoa Hao families. My wife told me she was sexually molested by her Grandfather, her Father and 3 of her 8 Uncles starting at 5 years of age going forward. They place almost zero value on woman but at the same time the woman do everything to keep the family alive. They regularly sell their daughters into arranged marriages to mostly Korean and Chinese men after they are considered too old to be marketable as a prostitute. This abusive existence gets passed down from generation to generation. Almost all Vietnamese prostitutes in Hanoi come from the Mekong Delta where the Hoa Hao have their stronghold even though Vietnam has beautiful woman everywhere. That’s the Hoa Hao controlling the entire market.
4. The Hoa Hao are cowards and are extremely evil, dishonest people in their core. They smile and act friendly at all times to hide their motives, which is to get money illegally from scams, drugs and prostitution. The Hoa Hao are extremely prejudice and will work together to sabotage any outsider. They can assemble groups of their people when needed to carry out these scams. Even old ladies will do their part to help win a scam against westerners.
5. The Vietnamese Government actually hates the 2 million or so Hoa Hao and views them as lowly scum and the Hoa Hao are forced to hide from their own government as a result. I understand why the Vietnamese government hates the Hoa Hao, they are predators that only care about themselves. Their core belief is that they only love their country but in reality they only love themselves, this alone should tell anyone what they should expect if they are an outsider.
6. Entire Hoa Hao families are aware and fully approve of any scam on Westerners. Mothers & fathers work with their children to pull off scams and this behavior is part of what the hoa hao feel is their birthright and feelings of guilt are almost non-existent. They actually hate Americans even though you’ll find a different version on the internet. The Hoa Hao woman all call each other sister even when there is no relation. They all call themselves soldiers and group together to commit crimes. Their vow of silence is astonishing, all of them take their secrets and methods with them to their grave which is why knowledge of who they truly are has been a secret until now. They actually use advanced technology to cleverly communicate while pulling off big money scams. They send messages to each other by passing encryption keys through HTML5 embedded videos and images that are used to unlock other encrypted secret messages hidden in help files or image code within public video websites that the Hoa Hao know where to look in order to keep checking for new messages. The Vietnamese government has a very hard time combatting this method of communication, especially when most of their own government is corrupt and also willing to jump in and help scam an American if there is money to be made. 
The Hoa Hao do not care about Vietnam, they only care about themselves.
Even though there are tensions between Vietnam and China, the Hoa Hao still work closely and have a lot of ongoing illegal business with the Chinese Triads. How can Vietnam be safe when the Hoa Hao are in bed with the worst China has? Answer: they can’t. The Hoa Hao are the Vietnamese Mafia that are able to hide that fact because a majority of them are poor rice farmers. Don’t let the farmer title fool you. They are filled with secret hate and feelings of entitlement to where they think it’s ok to take anything they can. Only the fact that they are cowards stops this problem from being worse than it already is.
The Big Picture of how the Hoa Hao Operate
Lack of rights for woman is a deadly ingredient when in the hands of lazy, cowardly men like the hundreds of Hoa Hao Men I’ve come across and observed while in Vietnam.
The boys in the Hoa Hao family are put on a pedestal while the girls are abused and forced to go out and earn money for the family as prostitutes. From birth the girls are always in a position where they feel unwanted so they do anything they can to get the approval and affection of their parents. This lower status remains with them forever and they accept and raise their own daughters and view them as a lower status too. It’s a cycle that never stops. Unlike other Vietnamese or Asian cultures that feel the same about woman, the Hoa Hao are different because their men are the laziest in Asia so they use the power they have over their woman to distribute duties that traditionally belonged to the men; Like making money. The Hoa Hao Vietnamese woman truly is a victim in this situation because they can’t break free since both their mother and their father think its ok. The Hoa Hao men can’t even fight their own wars, Vietnam is the only country I heard of where the woman are a huge part of the warfare. They know their men are too lazy to defend their land so once again the woman fills in for the lack of action on the part of the male. Even my Vietnamese friend that lives in the US now was surprised to see how the Hoa Hao woman in the deep south of Vietnam did everything and even openly complained about how lazy the men are but in the end they just accept it because they know the family won’t stay together and survive if they don’t accept the duties of both the man and the woman.
A favorite technique the Hoa Hao men use is to just borrow money and wait for the daughter to come visit at which time the person that loaned the money comes to the girl and says the parents owe them money. The girl, being loyal to their abusers as always, pays the debt for fear that her families name will look bad. The people that loan the money will not loan the money to the family unless they have daughters because they know the sons are losers that won’t give a shit so only families with young daughters working in the massage, sauna, karaoke bars  "prostitution related industries" will get loans from people. The parents keep borrowing money they can’t pay back and the girl willingly prostitutes herself in order to feel validated by her parents that show her little love.
Here is the pecking order of the Hoa Hao. All of the prostitutes come from the poor farm peasant villages in the Mekong Delta and the Hoa Hao middlemen ( that don't have daughters or sisters to prostitute ) that are ambitious will search out the pretty peasant girls and give the family some money to get them to push the girl into prostitution. Most of the girls are already sexually active and numb due to the fact that many Hoa Hao men rape them starting around age 5.  These middlemen directly deal with sleazy massage parlor or Karaoke Bar owners within Vietnam or with the Triads in other countries to traffic these girls as sex workers that are indebted for life because the middlemen make sure to always loan enough money to the parents to keep them indebted going forward. The middlemen of course report to and are controlled by a hierarchical system as well like any crime organization. They always have this power hanging over the girls head and will make sure to use these same techniques to force the woman to play scams on Americans with the added propaganda of saying some of the money goes to help Agent Orange victims to battle any feelings of guilt the girl may have in doing such evil deeds. The Hoa Hao are the Vietnamese Mafia or at least a huge part of it. They are business partners with the Triads and will use their resources to help carry out these big money scams.

The reason that the Hoa Hao are so dangerous is because they exercise extreme patience in all of their scams. When I first moved to Vietnam Hong was the model wife, she would teach me about how I need to protect my cell phone in public and even tell me many of her people were bad. She made me feel like she was completely watching out for me. She also stressed that her people were scared to hurt an American beyond snatching their cell phone due to severe punishment from the government and that she never heard of any violent crimes on an American. She never mentioned a big money scam and always acted as though she was a complete novice on computers and that nobody in Vietnam knew how to use a computer beyond basic Internet use. This was true for 99.999% of them but the Hoa Hao have a handful of computer hackers that are very good, they hacked all 11 of my computers down to the Bios level. Anyways, once the Hoa Hao feel that the coast is clear, they will move on you and your perfect wife transforms into the devil overnight. The patience aspect of their scam is key. They wait and see what you say when you talk to your family and as soon as they feel you bragged enough about your wife being so good, they will move on you because they know suspicion on the Hoa Hao will not be an issue. I remember that towards the end Hong told me to call my mother to say hello when I would see her only 2 hours a day. How did Hong know I wasn’t in contact recently with my mother whenever Hong wasn't with me except for a few hours a day????? Well that’s easy, they were spying on me 24/7 and they wanted to make sure I still have positive things to say about Hong before moving on me just in case I contacted my mother with concern the last time we spoke. Like I said, these people are evil!

Click on the link above. As you can see, the Hoa Hao always run to America for help when one of their Xenophobic Narcissists is detained. Don’t believe the media if you see articles sympathizing and saying that the Hoa Hao are persecuted, they deserve the way they are treated.  I watched as hundreds quickly joined in to scam and steal from an American. This group only cares about themselves.
The guy that was detained in the article looks very similar to the guy that sat next to me on the airplane on April 14 2011. I can’t say for sure but I do know that they looked alike so the Vietnamese Government can easily find out since the plane was almost empty and I’m sure not many guys on the plane except the guy sitting next to me looked like that guy.

The video above is a video that describes my ex-wife’s people “The Hoa Hao”.  This video describes the Hoa Hao up until the end of the Vietnamese War at which point the Hoa Hao were treated very badly by the Communist Party so keep in mind that Americans are not safe there anymore, this video is only referring to pre-1970.  This will let you learn about their mindset but keep in mind that they blame America for leaving Vietnam in disarray and allowing the North Vietnamese to do whatever they wanted to after the U.S. pulled out.  They feel entitled to take anything they can from Americans as a result and do exactly that.  Notice how they say their followers are pious and extremely loyal to their clerics.  The clerics instruct them to destroy Americans for money as long as they can go undetected.  Hong told me that 7’s Father “Hoa Hao” lost everything he had when the Americans pulled out.  Many of them did and they hate Americans for it.  But these people are evil, even an American that does everything to help them still gets destroyed as far as they are concerned.

The Hoa Hao Clerics got a Huge portion of the Scam Money
Hong told me that her friend Ngoc My "nickname 7" gives thousands of dollars to her local Hoa Hao Clerics which proves to me that they approve and probably encourage these scams on Americans. I know that 7’s Father is extremely greedy and wouldn’t let his daughters give a dollar to anybody but him so common sense tells me that Hong really meant that these guys got thousands because that is what they demand as their portion for their business relationship with the Mafia. What a piece shit these Clerics are to advocate not only prostituting their woman but also the fact that they encourage scams on Americans and then run to America for help when one of their xenophobic narcissists gets arrested by the Vietnamese Government. The Hoa Hao man is the lowest form of human on Earth; he is lazy, he prostitutes his woman, he has them scam and steal from Americans, he is a Coward that begs for the help from the same people he secretly hates! What a Loser!

Here are three web pages that support the overall facts of how the Hoa Hao treat their woman and foreigners. This article discusses how woman are sold all of the time in Vietnam to Brothels in China for as little as $500. This is the root of the problem in Vietnam.  The men have too much power over the woman and the woman are forced into scamming to support the family.  The Hoa Hao wrote the book on this disgusting behavior. This webpage contains comments from people that visited Vietnam, with 90% of the comments being very negative as to how they were treated.